‘The Hunger Games’ actors and author making headlines

Credits: Lionsgate

‘The Hunger Games’ actors and author making headlines

“It was a bit of a challenge to physically embody the role,” Hutcherson said about playing Peeta. “But my biggest mission was to do the best I could in the movie. I hoped by doing so fans would be OK with it.”

Suzanne Collins’ impact on ‘The Hunger Games’ movies

As part of their “Youth Impact” feature, Variety also features a new article about The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins and how she’s been involved in the movie adaptations of her book series.

“We work very closely,” producer Nina Jacobson told Variety. “It’s always important to me that she feels her voice comes through, that the values of the book come through in the movies.”

Wes Bentley barred from Canada after drug bust

Past troubles caused some problems for actor Wes Bentley. As reported by VH1, the actor was denied entry to Canada recently because of a drug bust four years ago. The snafu forced Bentley to miss the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend, and the promotion for his latest movie, The Time Being.

Isabelle Fuhrman replaces Chloe Moretz in The Wilderness of James

Due to a scheduling conflict, in-demand young actress Chloe Moretz has bowed out of her commitment to the upcoming movie The Wilderness of James. But that’s good news for Isabelle Fuhrman, who will be replacing Moretz in the Portland-set indie flick. According to CinemaBlend, filming is set to begin next month.

As The Hunger Games: Catching Fire filming heats up in Atlanta (with a ton of set photos newly released), actors from the first movie are making headlines — for both the good and the bad. Here’s a round-up of The Hunger Games actors in the news:

Josh Hutcherson featured in Variety

Josh Hutcherson is featured in a new article in Variety as part of a series spotlighting young actors in Hollywood. In the article, Hutcherson talks at length about his role as Peeta in The Hunger Games movie and how he has blessedly been able to maintain his privacy despite the success of the series.

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