‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 poster reveals Rick Grimes and the prison

Credits: AMCTV.com

‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 poster reveals Rick Grimes and the prison

As far as marketing aesthetic goes, the folks at AMC know what they’re doing. “The Walking Dead” is a show like no other, and the bleak, washed-out designs of the promo posters reflect that.

This week AMC unveiled the official promotional poster for season three of “The Walking Dead.” In a word, it is stunning.

Sticking with their theme of “Rick Grimes against a desolate expanse of despair and foreshadowing,” this new poster features Rick standing atop a toppled prison bus in front of the high-security prison that will become the group’s stronghold this season. He cuts an intimidating figure, aiming his by now iconic Colt Python at god-knows-what somewhere in the distance (our best guess is literally all the zombies).

And above it all, the words: FIGHT THE DEAD. FEAR THE LIVING.

You can file that under “Really accurate descriptions of TWD.”

Each poster has been prophetic of the main location for the new season. In season one we saw Rick riding his ill-fated horse into Atlanta, the city’s skyline stark against the horizon and the outbound lanes of the highway choked with the empty vehicles of fleeing refugees. For season two the promo poster featured Rick running full-tilt toward Hershel’s farmhouse, gun in hand and deputy’s hat firmly on his head.

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