Tales of Tritoria: Youngbloods brings vampires and Manga style action

Credits: Banga Studios

Tales of Tritoria: Youngbloods brings vampires and Manga style action

Tales of Tritoria: Youngbloods brings vampires and Manga style action. Khalid Birdsong, best known for his webcomic Fried Chicken and Sushi, changes things up by throwing readers a bit of an artistic curve ball with his latest offering Tales of Tritoria: Youngbloods. In this latest outing Mr. Birdsong brings a love for Manga, a bit of horror, superhero comics, martial arts and a healthy dose of a tribute to the 1979 movie “The Warriors” as he weaves a fun read for fans. Tales of Tritoria tells the story of fourteen year old Jackie whose father and sister are killed by a vampire gang, and the deadly circumstances she finds herself in. Her only hope…she must fight her way through the deadly streets of Tritoria city to get to her surviving family if her world is ever to be the same. Armed with only her father’s baseball bat, she’s lucky to get help from a mysterious gang called the Youngbloods, super-powered vampires who might or might not be allies in her desperate bid for survival . Together they must reach the edge of the city before dawn in order to save not only Jackie, but Tritoria and themselves.

One thing I was struck by was the impression that Mr. Birdsong truly enjoyed creating this work. It glows with an energy that seems to suggest that he was cutting loose a bit. Panels that crackle with energy and action pack each page as he weaves this genre mash up that you can’t help but smile at when you read. As someone who is familiar with his work on the humorous Fried Chicken and Sushi, this title is definitely a change of pace. Readers who come to this work from that camp may be delightfully surprised by the edge that this work carries with it. Part of this comes from the fact that Mr. Birdsong’s style of cartoon like art is not what one might expect to see utilized to depict scenes of brutal action (take heart, the violence isn’t overly graphic, but creates an interesting juxtaposition against his art style) Aside from a fun read, Mr. Birdsong impresses with his creative output in that he both wrote and illustrated this latest endeavor. One thing is for sure, I hope this sets a precedent for him to continue to stretch and explore various genres for his talent. He brings a unique take to territory that has been tread before with fresh new eyes. Comic fans should definitely consider checking this one if they want to experience a project where both the story and the art serve to create a unique reading experience.

Tales of Tritoria: Youngbloods can be found for purchase on Amazon.com where readers can order a physical copy or download a digital copy. For those interested in Khalid Birdsong’s other work, be sure to check out Friedchicken and Sushi (his weekly webcomic) and marvel at his art over at Banga Comics.

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