Cable rejoins X-Force for Marvel NOW


Cable rejoins X-Force for Marvel NOW

He’s been mostly sidelined during AvX, but Cable will be headlining his own book once the Marvel NOW! relaunch begins. He won’t be alone though, as he will be bringing back the team he created over a decade ago.

Cable and X-Force by the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca will be a book about a proactive team that tries to snuff out any threats before they happen. Well, that’s what X-Force has usually been about but in an interview with CBR and Marvel Hopeless says this team will be labeled “terrorists” and wanted by the most premiere superhero team…the Uncanny Avengers.

As seen in the cover to the first issue, Cable will be joined by Domino, Dr. Nemesis, Colossus and Forge. An eclectic group to say the least, but all chosen for a reason.

“I see CABLE AND X-FORCE as a crime book. In my favorite crime stories, the characters are always at each other’s throats.” Hopeless explained in an interview with Marvel, “This X-Force needed to be like that, a team of specialists who work well together but don’t always like each other. We tried to pick big personalities who were likely to clash in high stress situations. There are characters I wanted and didn’t get but I’m pretty thrilled with the final roster. It’s a powder keg.”

It will be interesting to see how Cable leads this new team in a post-AvX world.

Cable and X-Force #1 comes out in December.

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