Justice League gets a new artist and crosses over with Aquaman

Credits: DC Comics

Justice League gets a new artist and crosses over with Aquaman

DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns writes both Justice League and Aquaman so it only makes sense the two titles would eventually crossover.

Starting in December with issues 15, JL and Aquaman will begin their “Throne of Atlantis” storyline. The story sees the army of Atlantis, being led by long-time Aquaman villain Ocean Master, attacking the surface world.

“There’s still questions of what Atlantis is like and what they do and what they’re capable of and why they exist and who sank Atlantis,” writer Geoff Johns teased to USA TODAY. “There’s all this mythology behind Atlantis that we’re not really sure of and no one really has any answers, and we’re about to get the answers.”

DC also announced that Ivan Reis the artist behind the Aquaman book will be taking his talents to Justice League as seen in the cover to issue #15. Co-publisher Jim Lee will be stepping down from his art duties on the book. The artist who will be taking over Aquaman has yet to be announced.

The team roster seems to have been tweaked a little as SHAZAM is now part of the group, but noticeably absent are Green Lantern and the Flash. Their whereabouts will be revealed when the story gets underway in December.

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One thought on “Justice League gets a new artist and crosses over with Aquaman

  1. A lot of bloggers think Jim Lee left Justice League because he’s going to work on an old series DC is planning to relaunch, WildC.A.T.S.. As you probably know, it was him who created this series, exactly 20 years ago.
    If you have an A-list artist, you give him an A-list series: WildC.A.T.S. would be a C-list one, so, in a normal situation, Jim Lee working on it is pure nonsense.
    But maybe in this case Jim Lee sticked obstinately to this project because he wants to bring his old series back to life, and DC decided to indulge his whim because otherwise their working relationship would have gone really uptight, and it would have ended as soon as possible. Jim Lee on a C-list title is better than Jim Lee on a Marvel title, DC thought.
    I hope Jim Lee won’t write WildC.A.T.S.: he’s an awesome penciller and he’s very skilled with creating characters (think about Grifter, for example), but his 90s stories were boring as all hell. Since then he always worked with the most talented writers, so maybe he learned something from them and got better, but I don’t think so: writing well is a talent, not a technique, so you can’t learn it from anybody, no matter how good your teacher is. Good writers are born, not made.
    But maybe all this hype about Jim Lee working on WildC.A.T.S. will be proved wrong: perhaps Jim Lee doesn’t want to slip back (especially now that he’s at the top of his career), no matter how fond he is of WildC.A.T.S., and perhaps DC never thought to bring WildC.A.T.S. back to life. Only time will tell.

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