Sunday comic book trivia test-o-rama

Credits: Alex Ross

Sunday comic book trivia test-o-rama

Sunday comic book trivia test-o-rama 10/7/12. Nothing like a cup of joe, a good comic book, and kicking back on a cool sunny Sunday morning! However, good times like these can often contribute to a kind of lackadaisical mindset that keeps hardcore comic book fans off their game and not as mentally acute as they should be about the art form. To help fight this dreaded condition, we present a quick trivia quiz that should help keep fans sharp and educate those beginning to learn the historical lexicon of the industry.  For the Batfans, be sure to check out the video trivia for some cool facts about the Caped Crusader. As for the answers to this mental maze, they’ll be coming to you with this week’s new comic book release list later this week (how’s that for a cliff hanger). In the meantime have fun and research some of the classic characters and events touched on in this trivia blitz. Should you decide to hit your comic shop due to inspiration, find your local dealer and see if they can help you crack this case. Enjoy!

1) If only every super team had a butler as good as him! What super team does Edwin Jarvis faithfully serve?

A: The Avengers, B: The Fantastic Four, C: The Justice League of America, D: The Teen Titans

2) This irradiated super villain was created when Emil Blonsky, a spy assigned to steal the research of Dr. Bruce Banner, accidentally exposed himself to a concentrated burst of gamma rays, who is he?

A: The Leader, B: Abomination, C: Bi-Beast, D: Doc Samson

3) This classic Chester Gould character made his first appearance in the Detroit Mirror on October 4, 1931, who are they?

A: Dick Tracy , B: Flash Gordon, C: Buck Rogers, D: Superman

4) Only one of these superheroes was born with the “Curse of Kordax”, who was it?

A: Hawkman, B: Ghost Rider, C: Captain Marvel, D: Aquaman

5) Earth is not their homeworld! What intergalactic hero grew up on the planet Tamaran?

A: Hawkgirl, B: Ultra Boy, C: Starfire, D: The Silver Surfer

6) One of these super heroines was inhabited by the soul of an ancient Egyptian princess after attempting suicide, who was it?

A: The Huntress, B: Hawkgirl, C: Black Canary, D: Ms. Marvel

7) The mighty Marvel character the Scarlet Witch is not an only child, in fact she has a twin brother. Who is it?

A: Magneto, B: Cyclops, C: Wonder Man, D: Quicksilver, E: The Vision

8) Ahhh, it was a good year indeed! What year was the first modern comic book printed?

A: 1917, B: 1925, C: 1933, D: 1938, E: 1837

9) Many comic characters gain their abilities after strange encounters with mysterious artifacts. Which one gained his powers after being exposed to the Orb of Ra?

A: Spiderman, B: Doctor Strange, C: Metamorpho, D: Iron Fist

10) T’Challa, is not only known as the king of the fictitious land of Wakanda, but also keeps the world safe as what superhero.

A: Black Lightning, B: The Sub-Mariner, C: The Black Panther, D: Doc Savage

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