Wedding planners and bridal shoots find inspiration in ‘The Hunger Games’

Credits: Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding planners and bridal shoots find inspiration in ‘The Hunger Games’

The Hunger Games may be a story about an oppressive government forcing teens to fight to the death for entertainment, but some creative spirits are turning to the series for inspiration for a much more romantic event: weddings.

The Hunger Games has been used as inspiration for bridal photo shoots in the past, but it seems the trend is growing.

A recent photo shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes takes a woodsy approach, featuring lots of natural elements in a very elegant version of the woods outside District 12. Arrows are also featured throughout — in a unique bouquet, as cupcake decor, and on the invitations themselves. And of course, the bride is styled with an intricate braid.

In fact, braids have also become a popular wedding trend. Whether they’re a direct response to the popularity of The Hunger Games or not, bridal websites have been noting the growing trend of brides wearing unique braided up ‘dos.

Bridal Guide also suggests sporting a braided ‘do in their article featuring Hunger Games wedding ideas. BG goes further, with conceptual ideas for invitations, color palettes, bridesmaid dresses (taking a page from Katniss’s red interview dress), decor, favors, the cake, and even the rings (arrows!). Their idea to use a flock of gold origami cranes to represent Mockingjays is especially inspired.

Past inspirational photo shoots have included one featured on Style Me Pretty that focuses on the softer side of romance in The Hunger Games, and another from The Wedding Tree, that focuses on a Katniss-like warrior-bride.

Of course, we have yet to see photos from an actual wedding that featured Hunger Games inspiration. If you know of any, let us know! Email details and photos to …

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