NYCC: 2012 Rise of the Third Army panel

Credits: DC Comics

NYCC: 2012 Rise of the Third Army panel

Green Lantern #13 started the “Rise of the Third Army” storyline last week, but at New York Comic Con there were plenty of news to give about the upcoming story.

DC’s Green Lantern talent were present (minus Geoff Johns who could not catch an earlier flight) and dished on some of the future happenings in the space-faring book.

GLC writer Peter J. Tomasi,

  • Green Lantern #15 will see Baz get into more trouble after his run-in with the JLA
  • A lot of bad stuff will happen to Guy.
  • Guy will lose his ring when he is arrested by police.
  • Baz will break Guy out of jail to find out how to use the ring in GLC #16
  • GLC annual will showcase what happens when the Third Army comes to Oa.
  • In New Guardians, Kyle will be trying to master all the rings (as seen in the zero issue)
  • Red Lanterns will be the first corps to hit by the Third Army
  • Rankorr will go to Earth with Bleez to learn to keep his humanity
  • Atrocitus will use his blood magic to reanimate the Manhunters on his old planet.
  • He will finally get revenge on the Guardians after this.
  • In GLC #14 something regarding Mogo will be revealed

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