Fall zombie book releases for the reading dead

Credits: Thomas Dunne Books

Fall zombie book releases for the reading dead

It’s that time of year again. As the weather gets colder and the zombies more restless it’s time to curl up in your fortress of survival with a shotgun in one hand and a good book in the other. And what better reading material for the month of October than some new zombie literature?

Here are some fall zombie book releases for the discerning, literate zombiephile.

“Cadaver in Chief” by Steve Hockensmith: So the President’s dead. But it’s an election year, and we’re in the middle of a massive zombie outbreak, so it’s no wonder the administration is keeping this fact very hush-hush. It’s up to disillusioned reporter Jan Woods to uncover the truth behind a massive conspiracy. Along the way she’ll meet with assassins, zombies, self-aggrandizing bloggers, Oompa Loompas, and Debbie Does Dallas. It’s the zombie-themed political satire we needed, not the one we deserved.

“The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury” by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga: The second installment in Robert Kirkman’s series of novels from the world of “The Walking Dead” tells the story of Lilly as she and her ragtag band of survivors find their way to Woodbury, the Governor’s stronghold. Along the way Lilly will learn to face her anxiety and become a hero in the real sense of the word. But once in Woodbury, things just don’t seem right, and it will be up to Lilly to lead a rebellion that could overthrow the Governor’s regime.

“Zombie, Illinois” by Scott Kenemore: The loosely-connected sequel to “Zombie, Ohio” by master zombie storyteller Scott Kenemore, “Zombie, Illinois” tells the story of three strangers, thrown together by coincidence in the first twenty-four hours of the zombie apocalypse. This horror thriller examines the corruption that can take places in the breakdown of civilization, and might just be the start of a new zom-dram dynasty.

“The Brain Eater’s Bible: Sound Advice for the Newly Reanimated Zombie” by J.D. McGhoul and Pat Kilbane: Having a zombie apocalypse survival plan is commonplace for many in today’s society, but what do we really know about our dead brethren? J.D. McGhoul, a lab assistant turned zombie, tells all in this memoir of the living dead: what life is like as a zombie, and what newly-turned undead can do to get by in a living world.

“The Inexplicables” by Cherie Priest: The fourth installment in Priest’s “Clockwork Century” steampunk zombie series brings the reader back to the zombie-infested, Civil War era city of Seattle. Told from the point of view of Zeke, who readers will recognize from Priest’s “Boneshaker”, “The Inexplicables” is a story of teenage recklessness and adventure in a dangerous world.

“Rage Within” by Jeyn Roberts: The sequel to Roberts’s electrifying YA horror novel “Dark Inside” continues the story of its grim teen protagonists as they fight to stay alive in a world filled with the dead and the murderous, rage-filled remnants of humanity.

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