Did the 2012 Denver Zombie Crawl break the world record for largest zombie walk?


Credits: Photo by Jess d’Arbonne


Did the 2012 Denver Zombie Crawl break the world record for largest zombie walk?

Denver‘s seventh annual Zombie Crawl came and went on Saturday with a bang and a whimper and a whole lot of weird sounds in between, but its legacy remains. Now that the fake blood is washed away and the zombiephiles of the Mile High City have gone back to their less undead lives, one question remains:

Did the 2012 Denver Zombie Crawl break the world record for largest gathering of zombies?

Those who were there know that it definitely felt like the biggest Crawl yet. But were the thousands mobbing the 16th Street Mall enough to dethrone Seattle as the reigning title holder for world’s largest zombie crawl?

So far Denver Zombie Crawl founder and organizer Daniel Newman is keeping his own counsel on the Crawl’s exact number of attendees. According to Newman, thousands of zombies registered online, about 2,500 of whom registered just the day before the Crawl. Cameras were set up to help get an accurate count of the participants and Newman officially applied to the Guinness Book of World Records. But as to whether or not Denver legitimately broke the record, the jury is still out.

Last year Denver gathered approximately 20,000 zombies for the sixth annual Denver Zombie Crawl, and it looked for awhile like that would be enough to secure the world record. But alas, just a few days later Seattle took the title.

Traditionally, some of the largest cities in the world vie for the distinction of having the largest population of the undead. Cities like Denver, Mexico City, London, and Seattle all hold annual zombie crawls attended by thousands.

Whether or not Denver broke the record for largest zombie crawl this weekend, participants should be proud of an even more important distinction: the 2012 Denver Zombie Crawl collected thousands of pounds of food to donate to the Food Bank of the Rockies, making it one of the most successful food drives in the state.

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