Preview of ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 3.3, ‘Walk with Me’


Preview of ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 3.3, ‘Walk with Me’

The next episode of “The Walking Dead” is our long-awaited introduction to the Governor, the town of Woodbury, and the return of Merle Dixon. Try to contain your excitement, TWD fans.

Watch a preview of “Walk With Me,” the third episode of “The Walking Dead” season three.

While the last episode, “Sick,” focused on Rick’s group and the prisoners inside the reclaimed penitentiary, this new episode seems to stay entirely focused on Andrea and Michonne. Through this dynamic duo (quartet if you count their undead pets) we are introduced to Woodbury, a fortified post-zombiepocalyptic town where something isn’t quite right.

From the preview, it looks like Andrea and Michonne are captured by Woodbury’s forces when they go to get a closer look at a helicopter crash in the woods. Could this be the same helicopter that Rick saw flying through Atlanta way back in season one?

Besides the sinister return of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon, this episode will also be the debut of David Morrissey as the Governor, Rick’s fiercest enemy in “The Walking Dead” comic books.

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