‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ new set photos show Cornucopia tribute parade

Credits: TheHob.org

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ new set photos show Cornucopia tribute parade

New aerial photos of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set in Atlanta reveal a closer look at the Tribute parade and the new Cornucopia.

Fans, of course, know all about both of these key scenes — but for the uninitiated, the Tribute parade features the twenty-four Tribute characters riding in horse-drawn chariots in front of a large crowd while wearing elaborate costumes. The Cornucopia is the central hub of each Hunger Games arena, where the fight-to-the-death begins and in which Tributes can find weapons and supplies.

The photos of the Tribute parade were taken at the Atlanta Speedway, where filming took place on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Cornucopia set was constructed at Clayton County International Park’s “The Beach,” a filming location that was previously confirmed.

A flurry of set photos showed many of the cast members in the first week or two of filming, but most of the recent set photos have shown primarily extras, crew members, or sets alone. However, one recent batch of photos revealed the District 6 Reaping scene being filmed, and another set of photos showed Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in costume.

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