What does Charlaine Harris’ ‘Dead Ever After’ reveal about the end of the series

Credits: Amazon.com

What does Charlaine Harris’ ‘Dead Ever After’ reveal about the end of the series

Thursday afternoon fans of the “Sookie Stackhouse” series got a glimpse of the cover of the final book in the series, “Dead Ever After”.

The cover shows Sookie, the main character of the series walking off into the sunset with cowboy boots, a bandanna designed skirt and white top. This is a little different from her normal shorts and top of flowy dresses.

It looks as if she looking behind her saying goodbye to all of her friends.

The dog on the cover represents her shapeshifter friend, Sam Merlotte, the wolf could represent Alcide, and the lion’s tail is of course Quinn.

Upon closer inspection, there are three bats flying away from her. These could possibly be Eric, Bill, and Pam flying off into the sky.

But, what does the apples, tomatoes,  roses, and a cone flower?

Does this mean that Sookie won’t end up with any of her previous suitors? I this a sunset or a sunrise? Is she going to the fairy realm? Is she dying? Is she walking off with what suitor and who is she looking back at?

The cover as always is very cryptic and very mysterious and only reveals what Charlaine wants it to until after we read the book. Once that happens, the cover makes perfect sense with all of the thought that was put into it.

The final book will be released in May. So, what do you think about the cover?

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