So you want to be a zombie: 5 steps to a flawless Halloween costume

Credit: Photo by Jess d’Arbonne

So you want to be a zombie: 5 steps to a flawless Halloween costume

So you want to be a zombie for Halloween. Not that we blame you. It really is the undead mother of all awesome Halloween costumes. But you don’t want to be just one more face among the horde. No, you want to be confused for an extra from the set of “The Walking Dead.” You want your zombie costume to make people worry for their safety.

We’re here to help. Here are some tips to help you get your zombie costume just right this Halloween.

  1. Don’t miss a spot: There’s nothing worse than a great zombie costume… that ends at the neck. Make sure to put makeup on all exposed skin, including your hands and arms. Zombies are messy eaters, and they have no problem getting blood and gore up to their elbows. Dig in!
  2. Recycle an old Halloween costume: Anyone, anywhere, at any time can become a zombie. So it follows that whoever you were for Halloween last year could easily join the ranks of the undead. This way you’re reusing instead of wasting, and zombifying a costume instead of your own clothes. A little strategic ripping, a few blood stains, and voila! That sexy Chewbacca costume from last year is now a sexy zombie Chewbacca.
  3. Skip the personal hygiene: Zombies aren’t the most cleanly individuals. What with the decomposition, the wandering around in all kinds of weather, and the eating of raw human flesh, they tend to look a little worse for wear. Tease your hair and rub dead leaves in it for that wandering-through-the-woods-in-search-of-human-flesh look, and use black and yellow crayon on your teeth as fake rot. Or just don’t bathe for a month. That works too.
  4. Do your research: The key to a perfect zombie costume is staying in character. But how to act like a zombie? Well, you can start by studying the motions and sounds of people who act a bit like zombies on a regular basis: the elderly, the drunk, and the pre-caffeinated.
  5. You can never have too much blood: No seriously. Zombies spend most of their time neck-deep in someone else’s abdominal cavity. There’s really no way to overdo it where the fake blood is concerned. Use the whole bottle.

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