‘The Hunger Games’ nominated for BAFTA Children’s Awards


Credits: Lionsgate

‘The Hunger Games’ nominated for BAFTA Children’s Awards

The Hunger Games has been nominated for best feature film in the BAFTA Children’s Awards, which honors all aspects of children’s entertainment.

Besides competing against Hugo, Arthur Christmas, and The Muppets in the film category, The Hunger Games is also on the shortlist of best films in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote, which opens today. Kids in the UK ages 7-14 can vote on their favorites in a variety of categories.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts is considered the UK equivalent of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — and the annual BAFTA awards are compared to the British equivalent of the Academy Awards here in the U.S.

The BAFTA Children’s Awards are separate, and will be announced on November 23rd. The Hunger Games previously did very well in both the MTV Movie Awards and the Teen Choice Awards, which were voted on by young fans in the U.S.

Hollywood analysts have predicted that The Hunger Games could be nominated in a variety of categories for the upcoming Academy Awards — however, popular franchises often face a lot of stigma by Academy voters and are rarely nominated and even more rarely do they win. (The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a rare exception.)

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