Robert Pattinson talks about his sex face in ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’

Credits: Summit Entertainment

Robert Pattinson talks about his sex face in ‘Breaking dawn Part 2’

Today on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Robert Pattinson answered a few questions from fans but the one that got the most laughs and attention was his comments about the hardest scene that he had to film during the ‘Twilight’ movie series.

Robert Pattinson mentioned that the two hardest scenes to film thus far have been the birth scene in ‘Breaking Dawn part 1’ and the sex scenes in ‘Breaking Dawn part 2“.

He stated that it was lot of pressure because this was supposed to be the “best vampire sex ever” and that with 40 people watching you quietly while the cameraman is in your face is a lot of pressure when you are trying to make the best sex faces.

He stated that the scene had to stay within the PG-13 criteria and many of the scenes are up close facial shots and very awkward.

He laughed while speaking to the hosts and stated that “men’s faces weren’t meant to look like this”.

He appeared to be in a jolly mood even with the pressure of the past relationship problems between he and co star, Kristen Stewart.

“Breaking Dawn part two” tickets are on sale now. The movie will begin at midnight Friday November 16 (technically Thursday evening’s midnight showing.

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