‘Alpha’ looks for redemption in his own miniseries

Credits: Marvel Comics

‘Alpha’ looks for redemption in his own miniseries

Pittsburgh is a city known for its strong people and even stronger values, but what happens when a rambunctious, overpowered teenager comes to town?

Well we will soon find out when Alpha, Spider-Man‘s former sidekick, heads to the Steel City in a five-part miniseries starting in February.

“Alpha” by writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Nuno Plati will take the 16-year-old Andy Maguire into this new city three months after his last appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #694.

Alpha had it all but lost it when he used it irresponsibly. But Fialkov assures us he will get some of his power back but will still have to fly back to New York to visit Horizon Labs on his checkups.

In USA Today, Fialkov describes Andy as “the creepy kid who used to be in a sitcom when he was 5.”

This announcement also scratches Alpha off the list of possible people who will replace Peter Parker as Spider-Man after issue #700.

How will Andy react to his new surroundings? Find out this coming February and check out the entire interview on USA Today.

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