Do Bram Stoker and Vlad the Impaler share today as their same birthday?

Credits: courtesy of official webpage

Do Bram Stoker and Vlad the Impaler share today as their same birthday?

Many people are posting on Facebook that Bram Stoker, the author of “Dracula” and Vlad III, the Prince of Wallachia share today as the same birthday? Is this true?

Well according to several sources including the official website for Stoker, Bram was born on November 8 in Dublin, Ireland. Stoker, wrote the famous “Dracula” while researching the myths and lore of the Carpathian Mountains which included stories of Vlad III, better known as Vlad the Impaler.

Vlad was the prince of the small area of Wallachia and was known as the Impaler because he would impale the invaders of his country. Many view him as horrific but his country views him as a hero that saved their country from being overtaken Ottoman Empire.

But, during this time births and deaths were hard to document and many people are saying that Vlad and Stoker share today as their birthday but in fact Stoker’s is today and Vlad’s is the 13 of this month.

It was documented by Radu Florescu and Raymond McNally in their book, “Dracula: Prince of Many Faces: His Life and Times.”. They are two historians that are revered as experts on Vlad and his history. But, even then the dates can even be questioned because it is hard to know for sure.

So, no they do not share their birthday but they are very close in their dates and if you believe in astrology, they both share the same sign of scorpio, which in itself holds an interesting qualities for those two.

So, that would be an interesting fact and coincidence if this were true. But, either way, “Happy Birthday” to the author and the prince who brought “Dracula” and vampires to our world.

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