‘Man of Steel’ will not ‘Kneel before Zod!’

Credits: DC Comics

‘Man of Steel’ will not ‘Kneel before Zod!’

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” more than likely gains early seaters due to ticket sales already available offers that came to headlines light the sooner part of this week. Another majority percentile with popcorn and drinks in large preparation sets on the second trailer unveiling more spectacular footage for “Man of Steel”.

Just don’t wait for an ode playing in the timeless 1978 theme from “Superman: The Movie”. Now looks for any homage for the perennial movie villain Zod, in this movie on Michael Shannon’s (“Boardwalk Empire”) portrayal, and the reverberating command “Kneel before Zod.”

Shannon revelates this canon bomb within an interview on VH1.

Zod may own big screen time and takes in the often that Luthor recurs being the big dossiers out of Superman’s nemesis files. The Kryptonian General self-proclaimed with the manifest destiny for ruler of Earth if not dead Krypton appeared for the latter 3 seasons on “Smallville” to the very finale. A stand out episode out of the 4 seasons of “Superman: The Animated Series” brings Zod during a two-part “Absolute Power” followin Jor-El’s failure assisting the Earth assimilation in character and culture for Mala given probation from the Phantom Zone.

Terrence Stamp originally put the, er – uhm, brand on the renegade General co-starring in versus with Christopher Reeves as the Man of Steel.


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