Behold Verticus: Pow! Entertainment and Moonshark partner on superhero game app

Credits: Moonshark

Behold Verticus: Pow! Entertainment and Moonshark partner on superhero game app

Stan Lee gets his presentation on once more straight to digital media.

In app games, so the announcement goes.

Lee, who was 2012s Guest of Honor at the Baltimore Comic-Con, partners his Pow! Entertainment with Los Angeles-based Moonshark for the release of Verticus, an action thrilling game bound for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch.

The iOS game drops into availability on Nov. 15, and backdrops the imminence of Earth’s downfall due to the outgunning weaponry of the Lee-esque aliens The Obliterators.

Gameplay takes the user into playing a high-flying superhero with abilities from his bedecked futuristic jump suit. Gaming levels produce additional enhancements in tech-oriented abilities and weapons.

“Joining forces with the Moonshark team to create our first superhero app has been a tremendous pleasure,” said Stan Lee, Founder, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, POW! Entertainment, Inc. “Once you have a chance to play Verticus, you’ll be completely addicted to the game. It’s got a terrific storyline and, of course, an engaging narration by yours truly.”

Moonshark has been a mobile entertainment company with the popular DancePad with Jennifer Lopez since its start up in 2012. With CAA and Qualcomm backing the mobile publisher, Moonshark coproduces with A-List names to incorporate their tech concepts into play.

“No one else could have brought the sheer creativity and voiceover talents that Stan brings,” said Matt Kozlov, CEO of Moonshark. “Working closely with him, we’ve had the opportunity to create an authentic Stan Lee superhero experience, storyline and character, and we can’t wait for the world to help Verticus defeat the Obliterators.”

Pow! Entertainment holds Stan Lee as founder and CEO , and since 2001 has brought its original concepts to a transmedia platform.

Verticus was developed by Controlled Chaos Media out of Dallas.

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