Comic book trivia test-o-rama 11/16/12

Credits: DC Comics

Comic book trivia test-o-rama 11/16/12

Comic book trivia test-o-rama 11/16/12. Time to play the role of The Riddler by challenging fans to make like Batman and stretch the old grey matter with some fun comic book trivia. The best resources for solving these fun filled questions this round: comicvine, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Valiant Entertainment, and of course your vast knowledge of the comic industry. Answers to these earth moving questions will be included with next week’s new release list, so stay tuned. Until the next episode, put on your trivia cap and Enjoy!

1) Who isn’t a Spider-Man villain?

2) What is the character Rorschach’s real name?

  • Jackie Haley
  • Edward Blake
  • Alec Holland
  • Walter Kovacs

3) What is Luke Cage’s real name?

  • Archie Goodwin
  • Danny Rand
  • John Romita
  • Carl Lucas

4) Who isn’t a Valiant Comics character?

  • Shadowman
  • X-O Manowar
  • Bloodshot
  • The Question

5) Whom is Harley Quinn in love with?

  • The Joker
  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Clayface

7) Which of these isn’t a comic book publisher?

8) What is Thor’s weapon of choice?

  • A hammer
  • An ax
  • A whip
  • A sword

9) What comic is Betty Brant from?

  • Spider-Man
  • Batman
  • Power Man & Iron Fist
  • Justice League International

10) Who is Elektra to Daredevil?

  • Sister
  • Love Interest
  • Cousin
  • Lawyer

11) The Max Fleischer animated Superman short films from the 40s are some of the best around. In the short “The Mummy Strikes” what is the name of the doctor who is responsible for bringing the mummy of King Tush to the museum? (hint: watch the video associated with this article to find the answer!)

  • Lois Lane
  • Lex Luther
  • Doctor Jordon
  • Doctor Wilson

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