Download the first two chapters of Melissa dela Cruz’s ‘Gates of Paradise’


Download the first two chapters of Melissa dela Cruz’s ‘Gates of Paradise’

Yesterday, Melissa dela Cruz sent out her newsletter announcing that the last book in her “Blue Blood” vampire series will be released on January 15. The book is titled, “Gates of Paradise” and will tie the story of Schuyler Allen and her blue blood vampires Mimi, Jack, and Bliss.

But, she gave her readers a gift of the first two chapters of “The Gates of Paradise”. All that you have to do is go to the authors page and tweet #growthepact to help promote her other series, “Wolf Pact” that is a compendium to the “Blue Blood” series.

Once you do this you can download the first chapter and read the second one on the website.

But, for now here is a sneak peak that she provided in her newsletter:

Her father was alive? No. It was impossible. Schuyler didn’t know much about her father, but she knew he was gone. If he was alive, why hadn’t he ever tried to come see her? How could someone just let their child grow up without ever once trying to contact them? She had grown up missing both her parents, a mother and father she never knew. She was a product of their great love for each other, and yet their legacy to their only child was a deep and abiding loneliness. She had been alone for so many years.

Not alone: she always had Oliver, she realized. Her human Conduit, her faithful companion. He was with her now.

Mother, where are you sending me? she wondered.

If you are interested in reserving your copy of “Gates of Paradise” please visit here.

What did you think of the first two chapters of the last book of the series?

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