Marvel’s Phase One ensemble film collection hits an April release


Marvel’s Phase One ensemble film collection hits an April release

July threw movie credits down one segue of After Shawarma Party, and now it comes to April ”And Then Shawarma After” party.

Tesseract crowning it all.

Marvel announces a complete pack collecting all Phase One films, including “The Avengers”. Before you get all geek-ynamite, here’s a chance to refuse that igniting expectation over the hump of ‘got and watched (times over) it’. This means the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase one Collection steps up to offer Blu Ray discs of “Iron Man”, “Iron Man 2” and “The Incredible Hulk”. “Captain America: First Avenger”, “Thor” and the latest knock out box office hit “The Avengers” join the 10-disc set with Blu Ray 3D editions.

With Phase Two already underway in various sequel productions, the combo pack arriving Spring 2013 hails sneak peak footage for “Iron Man 3”. Marvel Studios will deck out its “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection” with a prop reproduction that isn’t the only prop replica.

The case has paraphernalia from the Phase One movies as collectibles for comic book and likewise movie enthusiasts alike.

The set in entirety will be released on April 2 upcoming.

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