Watch a sneak peek from ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 3.8, ‘Made to Suffer’


Watch a sneak peek from ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 3.8, ‘Made to Suffer’

On the next episode of “The Walking Dead,” Michonne will lead Rick, Oscar, and Daryl into Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. But will their rescue attempt be successful? Will Daryl come face-to-face with his brother, Merle? And will Andrea finally come to her senses and leave the Governor? Check out the sneak peek for a hint of things to come.

Check out the sneak peek from “The Walking Dead” episode 3.8, “Made to Suffer.”

In this sneak peek we see Andrea and the Governor being all domestic and cute to one another… which is creepy as hell. Knowing what we do about the Governor, and having just watched him intimidate, humiliate, and assault Maggie, seeing him sweetly kissing Andrea’s forehead and saying nice, couple-y things to her is rather unsettling.

We can only imagine that this scene represents the calm before the storm of Rick & Co. invading Woodbury to get their people back. So the question is: what happens next? To Andrea and the Governor run outside to defend the barricades? Or do they have another barf-inducing roll in the hay?

This episode will be the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead,” which means no more episodes until February. So stay alert and pay attention for what happens next on “The Walking Dead.”

Watch a sneak peek of the next episode, “Made to Suffer.”

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