Top 5 vampire movies of 2012

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Top 5 vampire movies of 2012

Even though there were not a lot of vampire movies this year, the ones that were released were a success among each of their target audience. There were the known movies,  Breaking Dawn: part 2″, “Hotel Transylvania”, “Dark Shadows“, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, “Underworld Awakening”, as well as the not well know vampire movies – “Vampire Dog”, “Vamps” and “The Thompsons”.

But, these top five took the box office by storm. “Breaking Dawn part 2”, “Dark Shadows”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Underworld:Awakening”.

Here is a break down of the vampire movies of 2012.

“Breaking Dawn part 2” tells the final installment of the love story between Edward and Bella as they introduce their daughter Renesmee into the world. The film grossed $754 million making it the fifth highest grossing film of 2012. Fans are still loving this movie that is rumored to possibly be continuing in a different direction in the future.

“Dark Shadows” made over $238 million but was welcome, even before opening with mixed reviews. Many of the older fans of the television show had their mind made up that since it would not be the same as the original that it was bad without giving it a chance. On the other hand, the newer generation was not connected with the show didn’t exactly get what the movie was supposed to be about. But, those that were open to the movie thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Underworld: Awakening” only made $160 million and was the fourth and last in the Underworld series. It did not do well in the theaters. Many complained that it was because Michael wasn’t in this movie and others complained that it was very predictable. But, afterwards there were rumors that there would be a fifth one. Let’s hope if they do then it is a lot better than this last one.

The children and adults alike got a treat this year with “Hotel Translyvania”; a cartoon where Dracula has to protect his daughter from this nasty scary human. The movie was such a hit that the sequel will be released in September 201.

And finally, “Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter”. In my opinion, the best vampire movie of the year. It mixed history with fiction and showed the true vampire- a monster that not only craves blood but also power. The story, special effects and the acting were superb.

So, what was your favorite vampire movie of 2012?

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