Cable and the X-Force get a trailer

Credits: Marvel Comics

Cable and the X-Force get a trailer

After the events of AvX, Cable has come out of his comatose state a better man…well a healthier man at least as his techno-organic virus is gone but what else is going on with the mutant?

Cable has gathered a rogue team of mutants on a new mission to save the world. But is everything as it seems?

Check out the trailer provided by Marvel and pick up Cable and X-Force in stores now.


This December, the deadliest mutant team of all debuts in Cable And X-Force #1, beginningthe all-new ongoing series from rising star creators Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Arena) and Salvador Larroca (Invincible Iron Man). As part of Marvel NOW!, Cable And X-Forcejoins a number of titles that will take the Marvel Universe in an exciting all-new direction, as the industry’s top creators join the top Super Heroes to deliver all-new ongoing series, great for new and lapsed readers alike!

Cable is back NOW! He has a new X-Force consisting of Colossus, Forge, Domino and Dr. Nemesis and they are all caught red-handed at the scene of a terrorist attack on a major American corporation whose CEO has expressed anti-mutant views. Now Cable and X-Force are on the run, with the Uncanny Avengers in hot pursuit.

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