Melissa de la Cruz’s ‘Gates of Paradise’ to be released on January 15


Melissa de la Cruz’s ‘Gates of Paradise’ to be released on January 15

Melissa de la Cruz‘s “Gates of Paradise” will be released on January 15. This is the final book in her young adult vampire series, titled, “Blue Bloods”.

The series told the story of the young vampires, who were fallen angels but were reincarnated into various rich and powerful people throughout history. During this “lifetime” as they call it they were socialites in New York who later found that blood is not the only thing that they share.

It is a great series that intertwines lots of angel mythology, vampire lore, and fashion to make a book that all readers will love.

Here is a synopsis:

Kingsley brushed his sword on her skin like a caress. “I know you love me. You told me that you’d love me no matter what, and I should remember that. So why are you trying to get me to forget that now?”

“Because this is how it has to end,” she said.

“You know that’s not what I want,” he said, but Mimi could see doubt in his eyes. He didn’t understand why she was doing this, and that was good. She needed to confuse him, to convince him that she was hateful. He was better off without her. He’d have a chance at happiness, at a better life. He could find someone else, someone who wasn’t so complicated, so difficult. Someone nice. That was a word no one would ever used to describe her.

Kingsley’s sword hovered at her neck, then slashed at the collar of her blouse.

“Hey!” she cried. “Careful! It’s Chanel!”

But his eyes were locked on the emerald stone sitting at the base of her throat.

“Is that what I think it is?” he said, horrified. Lucifer’s Bane. The Star of Heaven. A treasure more precious than the stars themselves. Given by the Morningstar to his dearest love.

“I told you, I am with him now,” Mimi said. “He is my Dark Prince and master.”

If you would like to pre order this book you can click here.

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