‘Face Off’ hit series to welcome DC Entertainment all-stars

DC Comics Blog: The Source
DC Comics Blog: The Source

‘Face Off’ hit seires to welcome DC Entertainment all-stars

DC Comics is about to meet SyFy. Outside their own page empire of comicdom, the publisher announces a team of talents led by its co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee to appear on the reality competition “Face Off”.

The Jan. 22 episode holds to its trial and win basis with a successive run of contestants applying their special effects make-up skills the bying for $100,000 thousand dollars and become a guest lecturer at the Make Up For Ever academies which are in New York and Paris. The Stateside trip also possible in their new 2013 Fiat 500.

In its fourth season, “Face Off” has seen the likes of top horror directors along with the best and brightest of Hollywood’s creative talents. Challenges base around particular themes, and with guest appearances by Lee and Didio amongst  creative talents J.H. Williams III of Batwoman, Nicola Scott of Earth 2, Tony S. Daniel of Action Comics, Cliff Chiang of Wonder Woman, Mark Buckingham of Fables and David Finch of Batman: The Dark Knight – then a superhero is the likely jockeying bid to evade elimination.

DC Entertainment, parent combany of DC Comics and its imprint Vertigo, has been gaining  a transmedia’s increase outside the latest “Dark Knight Trilogy”, “Green Lantern” and the upcoming “Man of Steel”. An online video game “Injustice Among Us“ coincides with CW network’s “Arrow” and Cartoon Netork’s  DC Nation block of “Young Justice”, short animations and “Green Lantern”.

“Face Off” winner of episode “Heroic Proportions”, the second after season 4s pilot, will have their creation featuring inside Justice League Dark, issue #16.

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