New showrunner of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be Scott M. Gimple




New showrunner of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be Scott M. Gimple

AMC has announced that the new showrunner of the wildly successful zom-dram “The Walking Dead” will be current supervising producer Scott M. Gimple.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Gimple will begin work on season four withing the next two weeks. Gimple is replacing current TWD showrunner Glen Mazzara, who in turn replaced original executive producer and showrunner Frank Darabont a few episodes into season two.

Gimple originally joined “The Walking Dead” in season two, and wrote scripts for episodes “Save the Last One,” “Pretty Much Dead Already,” “18 Miles Out,” and “Hounded.” He has also written the script for the upcoming second-to-last episode of season three. Before signing on for TWD, Gimple worked on TV shows “Drive,” “Life,” and “FlashForward.”

While AMC claims their split with Mazzara was an amicable mutual decision, it has since been revealed that Mazzara is leaving the show at the behest of TWD comic book creator Robert Kirkman. Since the truth came out that Darabont was also summarily fired from the series, viewers are left to wonder what exactly is going on with the leadership of “The Walking Dead.”

Revolving door of showrunners aside, the quality of “The Walking Dead” has remained high even as its ratings shoot through the roof. There was no discernable drop in quality when Mazzara took over from Darabont, so there’s no reason to believe that the show will suffer under Gimple’s leadership.

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