Will ‘True Blood’ Governor be a copy of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Credits: HBO.com
Credits: HBO.com


Will ‘True Blood’ Governor be a copy of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Will “True Blood’s” governor be copy of “The Walking Dead‘s”? HBO has been releasing more spoilers in regards to new characters that will be added to their cast come season six. This spoiler informs fans that the two new roles to be added to the cast this season will be a vampire hating governor and a civil right activist.

The vampire hating governor is named Creighton Burrell and hates vampires because his wife left he and his family for a vampire. He tends to bring a lot of the antagonism in the show that the Authority did last season.

The civil right activist is Nicole Jannsen whose good ideas don’t always work out for her. Let’s guess who she ends up with- good intentions, no common sense, and a big heart. Sounds perfect for Jason.

Will this governor be as psychotic as “The Walking Dead’s” governor? Will he be more blood hungry than the vampires that he hunts? How different will they be from each other?

So, far in regards to next season, we know that Sookie will get a fairy boyfriend, Rutger Hauer will be playing as Warlow, a vampire who knows about Sookie’s families death, and there is news that there will be more cast members added to this season.

True Blood” season six will begin in June 2013 and will only have ten episodes this season.

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