‘X-Men’ join Marvel Now with an all-female cast


‘X-Men’ join Marvel Now with an all-female cast

Brian Wood is returning to the X-Men full time and as last week’s teaser revealed it will feature a female cast.

Well today Marvel has announced the new ongoing title by the Massive writer and artist Olivier Coipel (Thor). The adjectiveless X-Men book is back but this time the roster has been changed to the aforementioned all-female team.

The book will revolve around Jubilee’s return to the X-Men, but she isn’t alone. She comes back with an orphan who holds the key to the world’s survival…or destruction as an old X-Men villain seeks refuge from an ancient evil.

The team will be formed by Storm and will consist of Jubilee, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, Rogue and Kitty Pride.

“How perfect is this?  A phenomenal cast of iconic women, powerful, beautiful, multi-faceted characters… this is the X-Men to me, and I’m writing a series to match,” said writer Brian Wood. “ This is an action comic with classic villains like Mark 1 Sentinels, as well as new twists on others (Sublime has a sister?). I love the X-Men – I have since my time on Generation X twelve years ago – and this is kind of as good as it gets for me.  And if I do my job right, it’ll be the same for X-Men fans.  And wait ’till the last page of #1, when ****** ********* shows up.”

See what happens this April when “X-Men” debuts.

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