‘Catching Fire’ wedding dress designer rumors denied

Credits: Iris van Herpen
Credits: Iris van Herpen

‘Catching Fire’ wedding dress designer rumors denied

A report from The Hollywood Reporter claiming that designer Iris van Herpen was creating the Mockingjay wedding dress for Catching Fire has been shot down.

Fashionista reached out to the designer’s publicist, and confirmed that van Herpen is not working on the film at all, or any of the actresses involved in the film.

Fans were excited by the idea of van Harpen creating Katniss’s wedding dress because of the designer’s futuristic, avant garde aesthetic. Some theorize that the rumor was denied because it was leaked prematurely — however, at this point, it seems more likely that costume designer Trish Summerville is behind the wedding dress, as well as all the other costumes in Catching Fire.

Fans have long been fantasizing about what Katniss’s wedding dress will look like in Catching Fire. Many have even created their own drawings or photo manipulations of how they imagine it to look.

Share your thoughts on what Katniss’s wedding dress should look like in the comments below!

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