Review: Not gory, Dracula World Order a fang galore

Credits: The World Will Bleed
Credits: The World Will Bleed

Review: Not gory, Dracula World Order a fang galore

By the numbers, there’s at least one paranormal series per broadcast channel and on a goodly number of cable networks (drama based and dabbles by a few reality tv based). ” Once Upon a Time” (ABC).” Grimm” (CBS). SyFy entertains with it just within half their original series when not simply science fiction.

Everywhere media exists, there you can find a paranormal frontline. Bookstores. Web series. Multiplexes. Name it and you’ll locate some apparition of the genre.

Then comic book stores – yes, this is a fount of urban fantasy and supernatural beings overtaking spy-thrillers, crime dramas and even the mogul genre of capes and crime fighters.

Where superheroes have their flagship paragons, paranormal has its older and old world icons both soaring when not shape-shifting or besides mesmerizing noggins.

Dracula stands on a higher podium from a comparison of grand images. So many interpretations have come to begin storylines that it seems like a free-for-all that ultimately prompts a go big or go home plot and story.

Opening with bloodiness, royalty and a too-easy alliance, Dracula World Order prices its story around a grand reach that a famed infamous has won. A global span of a modern day Transylvania s places the First of the Order of Dracul at a seat of vampire tyranny and the only caste by blood living by significant rights.

We meet a hunter against the bloodsucker hieararchy, a human fringe experiment for soldier ranks of the vampire army and the rebellious Prince Alexandru, only son and eternal heir-apparent to Dracula’s throne.

DWO comes right around pulling no punches. The action-horror drama gets a card somewhere between starringwrestling pro John Cena and a near miss reaching the Golden Gloves.

More of a character story, the progress bases on plot designation.

The one-shot graciously moves at a standard pace. The fills of its pages utilizing wide and regular panels with the practiced form of its writer Ian Billing(Freelancers). The book trades over speed bumps for speedy excess points by Billing, who premises the first of this independent publication as a one-shot and a platform for a series told without instant sequence.

This is a die-hard’s book. The ever reader of vampire tales has plenty to enjoy and a few things to overlook. Such as how the vampire hunter comes off as a nine-to-fiver freelance with conviction rather than a freedom fighter for a serious cause. We scan a scant scenario aligning Mai, where she has serpent like looks and anamorphic powers. The main star is the concientous scion of Dracula who conveys both the hunter’s conviction and overwrites motivation for Mai — and they’re off to see a revolution.

The World Will Bleed’s initial comic book series has enough for the casual reader to take on cover to cover. After that the flirtation with the ongoing series may only continue due to the patchwork sequence Billings self-professes in afterword will engage Dracula World Order in consecutive, stand alone one-shots.

Dracula World Order

Writer: Ian Brill

Artist: Tonci Zonjic (Chapter 1), Rahsan Ekedal (Chapter 2), Declan Shalvey (Chapter 3), Gabriel Hardman (Chapter 3)

Colorist: Stephen Downer (Chapter 2), Jordie Belair (Chapter 3)

Letterer: Josh Krach Cover Artists: Declan Shalvey & Jordie Belair

(Purchase Dracula World Order here)

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