Two dystopian YA novels heading to TV: ‘The Selection’ and ‘Delirium’

Credits: Harper Collins
Credits: Harper Collins

Two dystopian YA novels heading to TV: ‘The Selection’ and ‘Delirium’

The popularity of The Hunger Games series is likely inspiring the TV executives who have announced new series based on two other YA dystopian series.

First up, The CW has given another greenlight to a newly revised pilot episode based on The Selection by Kiera Cass, about a futuristic society in which 25 young women compete for the affections of a prince to be their kingdom’s next queen.

Fox also announced this week that it would be adapting Lauren Oliver’s Delirium for television — a switch from the studio’s original plans to make a movie.

“Fox, which initially optioned the books for film, decided that due to the complexity of all the side plots and characters, the Delirium series might be better suited for TV, as we’d have a chance to explore all of those elements,” Oliver wrote on her Tumblr. “I am super psyched because that has always been my preference.”

No word yet on when Delirium might hit the small screen. The process for developing a TV series is not fast, and will involve script development and casting, before the studio must decide whether to even order a pilot episode.

The CW rejected the original pilot created for The Selection, but has ordered a new pilot after the show was recast and rewritten. It still does not have an air date.

Both series have drawn comparisons to The Hunger Games for its dystopian themes and strong female lead characters.

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