Comics Review: Batwing #17

Credits: DC Entertainment
Credits: DC Entertainment

Comics Review: Batwing #17

Last year, this Examiner did a two part series on the DC Comics series Batwing, starring the “Batman of Africa.” The first part was a recap of the first six issue arc with the second part detailing ways to ensure the book’s long term stability. Looking at Batwing #17, in stores February 6th, the book has maintained its level of quality, nearly a year later.

Writer Fabian Nicieza has been consistently putting out solid comics for DC for a few years now and Batwing #17 is no different. The issue continues the “Enemy of the State” story and starts with guns ablazing and the pacing does not let up through the entire issue as Batwing deals with the consequences of taking down the son of one of Tinasha’s most influencial citizens. Consequences that are felt both in his superheroic identity as well as in his civilian life as police officer, David Zavimbe. Nicieza continues to build upon Batwing’s mythos by stacking up the villains. Marksbury has put a bounty on the head of Batwing and, with this issue, the Sky Pirate enters the fray, looking to collect. Another character close to Zavimbe is also working against him thanks to Marksbury. Both of the mercenaries have the potential to be recurring adversaries for Batwing, especially with the reveal at the end of the issue. Sky Pirate’s design also sets him up to be an opposite to Batwing with his winged armor and technologically advanced base of operations, The Flying Dutchman, comparable to Batwing’s Haven.

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