Vampire leads church blood drive and helps set church record on blood donations


Vampire leads church blood drive and helps set church record on blood donations

This week, The Telegraph, Macon, Georgia’s newspaper reported that there was a vampire in their local church. George Ealer is named the local vampire at the Christ United Methodist church or so this is what the residents of a small town outside Macon, Georgia nicknamed him.

George moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia when he retired and moved to Warner Robins, Georgia to be closer to his son. While there he started to look around for some things to volunteer or to keep him busy. This is when he found that the blood drive coordinator had just quit and that his church was looking for a replacement.

He took the position as the blood donor coordinator and thought that it would be a very simple job but the turn out was not so great. He then began to take matters into his own hands by thinking of how to creatively.

This creativity is what garnered him the name of the church vampire. One Sunday, before the church’s blood drive, Ealer came dressed as a vampire. He had the full cape and all and sat down in the front pew at church. He then gave a great invitation to the church members to the upcoming church blood drive.

Their first blood drive when Ealey took over only brought in 133 units of blood. Since then Ealey and his creativity has more than tripled the blood donations at the church’s blood drive.

This last year it was 586 units and the blood drive is currently going on this week. They are hoping to break their record and to continue to help with those that are in need of blood.

So, what do you think about this creative way of getting people to donate blood?

Kuddos to him and his creativity and to the church for being so open to this fun way of promoting this event.

To read more about this please visit here.

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