Zombie alert: Hacked TV station warns of zombie outbreak in Montana

Credits: Jess dArbonne
Credits: Jess dArbonne

Zombie alert: Hacked TV station warns of zombie outbreak in Montana

A hacker broke into a Montana television station’s regular programming, interrupting the regular flow of news with warnings of a zombie apocalypse.

According to Colorado’s 9News.com, the Montana Television Network says that a hacker was able to infiltrate the Emergency Alert System for Great Falls, Montana station KRTV on Monday. The hacker broadcast several warnings alluding to a zombie outbreak in the rural Montana area.

Among the broadcasts was the alert that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” and then later that the bodies were “attacking the living.” Another alert warned citizens not to “approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely dangerous.”

If that doesn’t sound like a genuine zombie outbreak (or at least a hilarious use of hacking skills), then this intrepid zombie reporter doesn’t know what does.

Naturally, affiliate KRTV reports that there is not an emergency at this time, especially not one involving reanimated corpses attacking the living. The station’s engineers are reportedly investigating the incident of hacking that led to all the excitement.

9News reports that at least four calls were made to local police in Montana by concerned citizens asking if the zombie warning was true. It is not clear if the local police merely assured the callers that nothing was wrong, or if they dispatched forces to neutralize the supposed zombie threat.

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