CW renews ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for a fifth season

Credits: CW
Credits: CW

CW renews ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for a fifth season

The CW announced on Thursday that they are renewing their vampire hit, “The Vampire Diaries” for a fifth season.

The hit show that holds audiences captive with the drama of many of the characters including the love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan. This season is focused on recently turned Elena and her transition into the vampire world as well as how her friends adapt to this change.

Klaus and Caroline are also the largest hit, so much so that Klaus and his family has gained a chance at a spin off series titled, The Originals. The pilot will be shown as a
“Vampire Diaries” episode sometime in April and if it is a success it will begin in the 2013/2014 season.

Both series will be penned by Julie Plec. Let’s hope that this spin off does better than sister story, “The Secret Circle”.

Both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Secret Circle” was a series by LJ Smith until she lost all rights to her characters and can no longer write her series.

The CW also renewed “Supernatural” for an eighth season and surprising renewed “Arrow” for a second season.

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