Daniel Cooney’s Valentine teaming up with C2 Entertainment and Nadia Tass

Credits: Daniel Cooney
Credits: Daniel Cooney

Daniel cooney’s Valentine teaming up with C2 Entertainment and Nadia Tass

Daniel Cooney’s Valentine teaming up with C2 Entertainment and Nadia Tass. C2 Entertainment have set their sights on Nadia Tass to direct “Valentine: Brains, Beauty, and Bullets” as the popular hard boiled character sees film development. Daniel Cooney’s character Valentine is shinning bright as the indie comic and novel series makes it’s way to the big screen with this breaking news in comic book and comics movie circles. C2 made the announcement with this press release:

C2 Entertainment (FILMLOOK Media and Post’s production arm) sent out cupid’s arrow to find an extraordinary female director for their film “Dana Valentine: Brains, Beauty and Bullets”, based on the femme-fatale comic book series by Daniel Cooney. Cupid’s arrow has finally found its target and set its sight on Nadia Tass, a director who isn’t afraid to take on projects that aren’t for the faint of heart.

What makes Nadia so extraordinary is her international recognition and her reputation as one of Australia’s most respected and unique filmmakers. She is the director of several critically acclaimed films and winner of many awards including an Australian Film Institute award for Best Director and a Le Grande Prix du Cinécole from the Cannes Film Festival.

Stay tuned for more news to come, including the date of a special Google Hangout session featuring the director, producer, screenwriter and graphic novel artist, Daniel Cooney.

To date, the Valentine catalog includes:

Valentine: Reloaded Omnibus Edition (Collects Vol. 1, 2 and Plan B For Blonde)

Valentine: The Killing Moon – Vol. 3

Valentine: Red Rain Vol. 2

Valentine: Fully Loaded Vol. 1

Valentine: Prelude To A Kill – Illustrated Prose Novel – Origin Story

Valentine’s been in publication since its debut at Comic-Con International in 1997.

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