2013 Black History Month: Big Two recognizes in comic books

Credits: Comixology
Credits: Comixology

2013 Black Hostory Month: Big Two recognizes in comic books

Jackie Robinson has one of the flagship biographies brought forward amidst all-time recollection, especially during the regular baseball seasons and Black History Month. In sports #44 is well-remembered. With comics, he has a #1 start-off for his own miniseries detailing a memorable World Series winning year.

Comics is all about the heroes and anti-heroes while it’s storylines span longer than the capes flowing out of the strongest genre running the digital and page-bound medium.

Beyond the cover art that displays gunslingers, superpowers, far millennial space pioneers and more heroes and anti-heroes differing genres can hold, two big name comic book publishers relay Black History month from out of their plethora count of diverse storylines.

DC Comics:

Key and lesser known heroes rise in weekly salutes for DC Comics, in partnership with Comixology. While a digital sale puts to the fore some strong titles and story arcs, read up and get to know or revisit those heroes that have led DC to reflect their diverse cast of characters. Many of thesed black crime fighters and superheroes that have resonating fame from comics to animation for a larger audience outside comic book fame.

(The Source and Comixology)

Marvel Comics:

Back at 2011s Feb., Marvel posted a look at their heroes along the publisher’s timeline and how it had intentional serendipity with real life events. In changes to diversify and create inclusion, Marvel Comics was sharing comics milestones with significant milestones in the civil rights cause. But there are more heroes past the major societal changes that channel into Marvel’s introspective look honoring Black History Month.

(Marvel Comics)

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