Gender Through Comics a free online course coming Spring of 2013

Credits: Marvel Comics
Credits: Marvel Comics

Gender Through Comics a free online course coming Spring of 2013

Over at the Bleeding Cool website, information regarding a massive online course on gender through comic books is making news. This online education course, which will be led by Christina Blanch of Ball University , will be free and starts April 2, 2013 to May 10, 2013 (pre-registration is required) . The course will examine how comic books can be used to explore questions of gender identity, stereotypes, and roles. Industry professionals such as Gail Simone, Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Snyder, Mark Waid, Brian Bendis, and Matt Fraction are scheduled to speak and access to live weekly interviews with Terry Moore, Steve Wacker and Sana Amanat (and more) that you can interact with will be part of the course as well. Not only that, participants will have access to previously recorded interviews with other industry greats as an additional perk. Those interested in the art form and the impact it has on our cultural consciousness should seriously consider checking this out, after all it is free and it provides a great opportunity to hear from some of the industries greats on the subject. The original Bleeding Cool article (posted by Rich Johnston) can be found here and course registration can be found here. See you online!

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