Vibe is anything but ‘the unlikely hero’

Credits: DC Comics
Credits: DC Comics

Vibe is anything but ‘the unlikely hero’

When Vibe was introduced in the previous version of the DC Universe, he was seen as little more than a stereotype. Paco Ramone, of Puerto Rican descent, was a break dancing teenager leading a local street gang, Los Lobos. Thanks to the New 52 relaunch, however, Vibe has been re-imagined as a full dimensional character with a revised power set and specific mission within the DC Universe. “Justice League of America‘s Vibe” #1 is co-written by Geoff Johns (‘Justice League of America”) and Andrew Kreisberg with art by Pete Woods and Sean Parsons. The issue is in stores today.

Francisco Ramon was one of the first victims of Darkseid’s invasion of Earth five years ago. Caught in the event horizon of a boom tube opening, Cisco’s vibrational frequency is slightly off from the rest of Earth’s inhabitants, granting him unique abilities, as well as some inconvenient side effects. Recruited by A.R.G.U.S. to be the super-hero, Vibe, Ramon is being trained to fulfill an important role in Homeland Security. A role his powers make him specifically suited for.

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