‘Avengers’ cast deliver at showstopper Oscar Awards

Credits: Marvel.com
Credits: Marvel.com

‘Avengers’ cast deliver at showstopper Oscar Awards

Attire fit for superfans of film awards hit last Sunday’s Oscar night, where the superstars known as blockbuster superheroes were in one-of-a-kind garb this time fit for a stage before A-list nominees

On the Awards stage where the heavy-hitter nominations were the heavyweight winners Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. strutted their Red Carpet best as presenters. While musical film segue performances gilded some thrill into the modicum held ceremony, the assemblage of Marvel’s top franchise actors held their own against a night of hit or miss jibes off the tele-prompter.

Banter saved the night for “The Avengers” quintet. The same kind that was said to be the camaraderie occurring off-camera, that came off during the silver screen movie and made the only comics to film-dom presence an outstander for the Best Visual Effects

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