‘Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series’ is nominated for Saturn Awards

Credits: Amazon.com

‘Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series’ is nominated for Saturn Awards

“Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series” has been nominated for Saturn Award for the 2012 Best DVD/Blu-ray Collection.

The DVD collection is a massive 131 DVD set with 1,225 episodes of the original gothic soap opera that aired from 1966 until 1971. It includes a coffin box to put the DVD’s in, an episode guide with pictures, as well as lots of extras.

This show opened up the typical housewife to the idea of a brooding sexy vampire named Barnabas Collins. His story of love, loss, and pain transcends that of the typical monster story. The series spawned a reboot television show and several movies including the most recent Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton collaboration.

Other nominees in this category include “AlfredHitchcock: The Collection”, “Battle Royale”, “Bond 50: The Complete Film Edition”, “Universal Class Monster: The Essential Collection”, and “The Ultimate Buster Keeton Collection”.

The Saturn Awards are presented in June by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. This is it’s 38 year of honoring the best among film, television, and home entertainment.

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