Lennie James will return to ‘The Walking Dead’ as Morgan for season 3 finale

Credits: AMCTV.com
Credits: AMCTV.com

Lennie James will return to ‘The Walking Dead’ as Morgan for season 3 finale

Actor Lennie James will reprise his role as Morgan in the season three finale of “The Walking Dead.” James guest-starred in last week’s episode, “Clear,” which was his first appearance on the show since the series premiere in 2011. According to Internet Movie Database, James will also guest star in “Welcome to the Tombs,” the sixteenth episode of season three.

Morgan is a character pulled straight from the pages of the comic books. He and his young son Duane are the first to find Rick when he wakes up from his coma into the zombie apocalypse. They save him from blundering into a gruesome death and teach him how to survive the dangers of the new, uncivilized world.

In the TV series premiere, Rick and Morgan get weapons from the local police station where Rick is a sheriff’s deputy. Then they part ways, promising to keep in touch via walkie talkie. Up until last week, we didn’t know what happened to Morgan. When he and Rick are reunited, Morgan is barely clinging to sanity and he has lost his son.

James is perhaps best known for his roles in films “Snatch,” and “Colombiana” and TV series “Jericho.” The British-born actor put on one of the most memorable and moving performances as the grief-stricken and unhinged Morgan in episode 3.12, “Clear.” After that performance, fans will look forward to Morgan’s return in the season finale.

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