New ‘World War Z’ movie trailer is less disappointing than we expected

Credits: Paramount Pictures
Credits: Paramount Pictures

New ‘Wllrd War Z’ movie trailer is less disappointing than we expected

When the first trailer came out for Brad Pitt‘s film adaptation of “World War Z” (based on the phenomenal novel by Max Brooks), we were… disappointed. The trailer bore basically no resemblance to the plot or storytelling style of the book, and it turned what was a groundbreaking zombie thriller about a diverse array of individuals into a Hollywood blockbuster with mediocre CGI.

Now Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment has just released a second trailer for “World War Z” and it is (drumroll please)… marginally less disappointing than the first trailer! Let’s take a look.

Both trailers confirm the rumors of a rather fraught production stage for this film, in which star Brad Pitt and the studio played tug-of-war with the source material until very little was left intact. The project also had a revolving door of writers and directors, and is getting released half a year behind schedule.

But it’s cool, because “World War Z” is going to be a smash hit among zombiephiles and moviegoers alike, right? Totally.

The nice thing about the new trailer is that it seems to hint at retaining some of the original story structure of the novel. Brad Pitt, UN operative (agent… person… whatever?) travels around the world interviewing folks in an attempt to uncover the source of the global zombie outbreak. That’s a little bit like the original plot, in which a largely unseen and unheard journalist collects interviews with key survivors ten years after the zombie war has ended in an effort to make sure it never happens again.

We’ve still got Bad CGI Fast Zombies (TM) though. Because apparently Hollywood didn’t learn its lesson with “I Am Legend.”

Watch the new “World War Z” trailer one more time. It’s really not that bad.

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