‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ latest news updates and waiting for a trailer

Credits: Lionsgate
Credits: Lionsgate

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ latest news updates and waiting for a trailer

Fans of The Hunger Games series are awaiting any word on when they will see a trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — and despite rumors that it could be revealed today (March 31st), that seems less and less likely given that there’s been no buzz coming from Lionsgate.

Likewise, there’s been no word on whether the trailer will debut at the MTV Movie Awards, as many have theorized. Still, the lack of news has left fans hankering for any tidbit. So here are the latest news items directly related to Catching Fire that fans have been clinging to lately:

  1. Sam Claflin confirms he has seen the Catching Fire trailer
  2. Cast & crew are possibly facing four additional weeks of filming
  3. Mockingjay is rumored to start filming in July, and actress Rebel Wilson is supposedly in talks for a role

Meanwhile, here are a few other headlines worth noting from The Hunger Games realm that fans can peruse while awaiting more official tidbits:

100 things to do while waiting for Catching Fire

Check out the brilliant video from HG Fireside Chat and craft your own “to do” list while waiting for the movie’s release on November 22nd. They’re also running a contest to celebrate the recent airing of their 100th episode.

Vote for Jennifer Lawrence in the TIME 100 List

Jennifer Lawrence is among 153 names in the running for the annual TIME 100 List. Fans can vote for her to make the top 100 online through April 12th.

Tomb Raider reboot inspired by The Hunger Games?

MTV talks about rumors of a new Tomb Raider movie reboot, and questions whether it is inspired by The Hunger Games and Katniss.

Jennifer Lawrence to appear at GLAAD Media Awards

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly going to be among the celebrities appearing at the GLAAD Media Awards on April 20th.

Tara Reid is Effie Trinket?

Actress Tara Reid recently posted a photo of herself dressed as Effie Trinket, along with the caption, “Today at work shooting my new untitled film produced by Jamie Kennedy. It’s gonna be super cool!”

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