Damian Dragon on Deadpool webseries, comics and more

Credits: Damian Dragon
Credits: Damian Dragon

Damian Dragon on Deadpool webseries, comics and more

Previously, Damian Dragon has discussed how important it is for him to be in this year’s East Coast Wrestling Association Super 8 Tournament and about his upcoming retirement at the end of 2013. In this last installment of Examiner.com’s interview with the wrestler, he discusses his other pursuits.

Marvel Entertainment has since had Blinky take down the webseries due to intellectual property issues, have there been any developments with the project since then?

Initially I know Blinky Productions and Marvel were in talks to try and work things out. I am not a liberty to disclose things said or details. But also in knowing Chris on a more personal level now, he has a never quit mentality and spirit you have to admire. Plus the fan base we garnered has been amazing. During the series but especially post this situation as on their own started an online petition for not only our return, but the rights of all fan films as a medium while not infringing on copyrighted materials. Plus the fact we seemed to have been singled out as you can Youtube a bunch of other fan film created material still that were even posted before us. So although I really can’t confirm, nor deny anything on the Deadpool Web Series future, all I will say which I have learned in life “never say never.”

You are, obviously, a big comic book fan, what are some of your favorite books right now?

I am all over the place! As parent it is near impossible to keep up with single issues. So our reading tends to be a little behind time wise as we wait for trades. But for me on the DC side, of course Batman. I’m getting ready to wrap up my Green Lantern run since Geoff Johns is leaving the series. I just started getting into the re-launched Green Arrow that is now RE-re-launched thanks to the “New 52”, THANKS DC!

Marvel I’m on Deadpool (obviously), Wolverine, X-men, Thor, Iron-Man, Iron Fist, Punisher, Daredevil, and Venom.

Independent works I’m on Dark Horse’s Mass Effect (so HOOKED on that game), IDW’s run on G.I. Joe and Transformers. About to start TMNT. Plus there’s some really underground indie stuff that I’m into like Fanboys VS Zombies or looking to get.

Not a lot really…lol

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