Dracula: Son of the Dragon crowd sources genesis story with unique offers

Credits: Salgood Sam
Credits: Salgood Sam

Dracula: Son of the Dragon crowd sources genesis story with unique offers

History and supernatural horror are about to become the convergence for a project that origins an international legend of fiction and film. The comics production of Dracula: Son of the Dragon is having a genesis of its own, its co-creative pair opening their upcoming miniseries on Kickstarter.

On the crowd-funding site co-creator Mark Sable, the writer behind Graveyard of Empires, and co-creator Salgood Sam, the artist once pencilling Therefore Repent and Ghost Rider 2099, will bring some original themes to those pledging.

“With comics becoming an increasingly disposable medium, we wanted to create something unique. Not just a collectors item – although our print editions will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers – but an artifact,” said Sable.

This in reference to samples of the incentives for backers: a hardcover or leatherette edition and Salgood’s offer to draw the cover of a backer’s graphic novel of which Sable will also pen the first chapter.

Unique themes are also to be core motifs found throughout the series. Historical facets that entail the story of Vlad the Impaler will intermix with those lesser known factors found in Bram Stoker’s classic. The combination will form the origins telling for Son of the Dragon.

“Bram Stoker was very vague about how Dracula became a vampire,” Sable points out, but adds “there are clues.”

Sable goes on to describe one factor from Stoker being the Scholomance. Bits such as that, a kind of “Evil Hogwarts” the writer explains, will example a form of the backgrounds to expect.

Off the ground to take off, Dracula: Son of the Dragon endeavors to include the feel of classic beyond their storytelling.

“All backers will receive access to an exclusive behind the scenes ‘making of” blog. But we’re also literally offering a readers a chance to be a part of the story”, noted Salgood.

Sam’s and Sable’s independent, original story will be published along a sequential quartet of graphic novels.

(Kickstarter Dracula: Son of the Dragon)

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