First Four minutes of ‘Being Human’ season finale, ‘Ruh Roh’

Credits: SyFy
Credits: SyFy

First four minutes of ‘Being Human’ season finale, ‘Ruh Roh’

The season finale of SyFy’sBeing Human” is set to air on Monday at 9:00 pm EST and SyFy has released the first four minutes for fans to view. This can be viewed here or in the box below.

This first four minutes show that the finale for the group is not going to be a happy one.

It opens with Liam showing up at Josh and Nora’s honeymoon and taking them to show them what is happening with the vampires that drank from the werewolves. Liam called it a curse and showed them what was happening to the vampires that drank the werewolf blood.

Back at home Aidan is making out with Kat and trying to get Sally to leave. She then begins to realize that being invisible isn’t what she remembered as goes back up to her room and begins to talk to her body about her regrets of being a ghost again. This gives a very ominous feel to where Sally is going in this finale.

The screen then shoots to Aidan dealing with Liam who is after Kenny. When Nora and Josh arrive at the house, Kenny is transformed into an abomination and they find Aidan and Liam are fighting, Josh and Nora came in and jump in and Nora is knocked out.

But, the scene that leaves you hanging is the fact that Kenny begins to drink from Nora and the preview ends.

What happens in this season finale? What do you think will happen? Do you know any spoilers? Please comment below.

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